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Cody Oikemus

March 17, 2009  |   Partners & Associates   |     |   0 Comment

Investment Analyst
Cody OikemusCody joined Smith, Salley & Associates in September of 2014 as an investment analyst. His primary focus is equity research, conducting due diligence on potential investment opportunities, and assisting Portfolio Managers in implementing equity strategies for client accounts. In addition, he works closely with Portfolio Managers and Client Service Specialists to create client presentations. Cody is also a member of ...

Addition of Brian May

March 16, 2009  |   News & Press   |     |   Comments Off on Addition of Brian May

Smith, Salley & Associates is pleased to announce the addition of Brian May as an analyst and portfolio manager. May, a resident of Greensboro, comes to Smith, Salley & Associates with 14 years of experience in research and portfolio management. Prior to joining SS&A, he was most recently a Partner and Senior Portfolio manager with Jonathan Smith & Co.

May received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Appalachian State. ...