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Experience the SS&A Difference

February 28, 2010  |   Featured,Insight   |     |   Comments Off on Experience the SS&A Difference

Today's financial landscape can be confusing. We believe both the regulatory structure and Wall Street have made it this way. In our opinion, looking at recent history, Wall Street is not in the advice business, as most investors think. Instead, Wall Street is in the business of manufacturing and selling products. In our minds there ...

Customized Solutions

April 21, 2009  |   Featured   |     |   0 Comment

At Smith, Salley & Associates, we know that when it comes to choosing an investment advisor, our clients want a firm that can deliver more than standard investment advice. Our clients' situations often demand creativity and thoughtful reflection to design advice that serves both the present situation without sacrificing the future.

If that is not your current experience and ...