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Taxes — The Hidden Pitfall for Investors

February 18, 2008  |   Insight   |     |   0 Comment

By  E. Scott Batchelor, Jr.

Performance is the great leveler in the investment world. Most people are less concerned with how the vehicle looks than with how fast it travels, how much it costs, and how it will hold up in a crash (and yes, all three puns intended). However, measuring performance is not always as simple as one might think; especially when you take into account the ...

Is Risk Factored into Your Investment Plan?

April 07, 2007  |   Insight   |     |   0 Comment

By Andrew D. Davis

The fluctuations in the securities markets have increased in recent days, driven by a myriad of economic data that has some investors fearing the onset of a recession.  The former Federal Reserve Chairman, Alan Greenspan, a little out of character, publicly gave his probability of a recession by year end 2007 at one in three.  His well-followed speech sent a ripple throughout markets, bringing back the ...

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