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Your Needs First

We believe without fail that the difference between your success or failure is directly correlated to the quality of advice you do, or do not, receive. Investment management advice is not a commodity. One size does not fit all and one advisor is not the same as another. Our wealth management process is entirely client driven and comprehensive. All of our recommendations are based on our clients’ personal circumstances coupled with independent research, analysis and objectivity. For us, the most important benchmark of our success is your success.

At SS&A, our business is you.

Disciplined Investment Approach

At SS&A we believe that when it comes to choosing an investment advisor, our clients want a firm that can deliver more than “off-the-shelf” investment advice. Our experience has taught us that successful investors have the following traits: clearly identified investment objectives and constraints, well defined plans, thoughtfully implemented strategies that are monitored continually and adjusted as needed.

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Comprehensive Financial Planning

We understand that worrying about the future steals from the present. However dealing with the future can be a daunting and intimidating experience. This is why we have developed our planning process that allows us to gather the information we need from our clients, and then "scrub" that data through our own models in order to begin to get some real answers to questions that burden the mind.

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Sound Investment Philosophy

We believe achieving good returns in financial markets requires independent thinking, a suppression of ego and a systematic approach to managing capital. At SS&A we emphasize all three. Independent thinking means we work diligently to identify investments (in the stock and bond markets) with undiscovered value.

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