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Disciplined Investment Approach

discipline begets success

Disciplined Investment ApproachAt SS&A we believe that when it comes to choosing an investment advisor, our clients want a firm that can deliver more than “off-the-shelf” investment advice. Our experience has taught us that successful investors have the following traits:

  • Clearly identified investment objectives and constraints
  • Well defined plans
  • Thoughtfully implemented strategies
  • Strategies that are monitored continually and adjusted as needed

The investment process at SS&A begins by gathering specific information in order to compose an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) unique to each relationship. An IPS is a living document; it is continuously evolving to adjust to changes in life stages, risk and return objectives and income needs. It helps to remove ambiguity, provide clear guidance and establish accountability for all parties involved.

We believe that a holistic view of assets and liabilities allows a more precise foundation for building a long term strategy, and a way for both the client and our firm to measure success. At SS&A we know that managing client assets and maintaining relationships is an active and ongoing process. Monitoring and adjusting the management process is as important to long term success as the initial implementation.


  • Assess Current Objectives
    • Purpose of your investment capital
    • Return expectations
    • Time horizon
  • Analyze Current Portfolio
    • Current asset allocation
    • Style analysis
    • Suitability
  • Evaluate Net Worth
    • Current Assets
    • Current Liabilities
  • Asses Tax Situation
  • Construct Comprehensive Financial Plan

Develop Written IPS

The Investment Policy Statement will reflect the decisions reached during the initial assessment with the client. The essential elements of the Investment Policy Statement include the following:

  • Statement of Objectives
  • Risk Tolerance
  • Time Horizon
  • Investment Guidelines and Policy
  • Selection and Allocation of Asset Classes
  • Control Procedures
  • Communication Plan


Once the Investment Policy Statement is in place, our team works to implement the investment strategies within the portfolio. Implementation is done deliberately and with sensitivity to any tax consequences such portfolio changes might effect. The team actively manages the investments, as securities reach fair value, they are sold or reduced, or as they fall further below fair value they may be increased, according to risk control limits. We regularly re-balance asset classes as needed. We also meet with our clients annually (or more often as desired or needed) to evaluate and assess the strategy in light of their current situation.