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About Us

Clients choose Smith Salley because they…

  • Value a relationship with their financial advisor
  • Appreciate the resources a large firm managing over $1 Billion has to offer
  • Expect the pro-active and customized service that can only be experienced with a low client to advisor ratio
  • Benefit from coordination of accountants and estate attorneys, ensuring all facets of a financial plan align
  • Trust the independence of a 100% employee-owned firm
  • Enjoy the transparency of individual securities and direct access to the manager of their portfolio

Our History

In 1997, Gregory Smith & Mackay Salley began working together through co-managing the Franklin Street Trust Small Cap Fund. After seven years, Gregory and Mackey left to form Smith Salley & Associates in 2003.

Gregory says it best:

“Mackay and I started this business because so many in our industry have failed to put client’s needs in front of their own. Too many advisors push products that clients do not need or understand. Some wealth advisors prefer to impress with financial jargon, overly complex strategies, or frequent (often costly) tactical maneuvers. We wanted to be different. We offer easy to understand, customized solutions to complex problems that help our clients achieve the things they want most from their money: obtaining an independent retirement, educating the next generation, caring for aging parents, and creating legacies that last.”

In the same fashion as Mackay and Gregory, Jim Agnew and Andrew Davis joined Smith Salley & Associates in 2006 after having worked together for the previous nine years at CCB. After the acquisition of CCB by SunTrust, Jim and Andrew sought an opportunity to join an independent firm where they could continue to provide the level of service to which their clients had become accustomed. Smith, Salley’s focus on individual securities and the client’s needs provided the fit they were looking for.

The combination of these two team’s experience and continuity in portfolio management served as a foundation for Smith Salley in the early years. Since Smith, Salley & Associates has continued to grow at an impressive pace by providing simple, yet effective strategies.