Investment Management Strategies

Our investment management strategies are planned and navigated by a deep bench of professionals with an average experience of over 20 years. All investment solutions are managed in-house and decisions are made by committee to ensure we consistently apply our disciplined process.


Equity Strategies

Quality. Diversification. Consistency.

Each investment strategy generally consists of 35-45 individual, high-quality stocks. The portfolios are diversified across all sectors of the market through a fundamental valuation process.

The investment objective of our Dividend Equity is to provide a competitive total return over long periods of time (3-5 years) through appreciation of stocks prices and dividend income. We expect to generate these returns by investing in a broadly diversified group of common stocks spread across various industries, geographies and capitalization levels. By definition of a “Dividend Strategy,” the strategy comprises companies with higher relative dividend yields than the general market. Our investment management approach also focuses on companies whose business strategy will likely provide for increases to their dividend payout. Unlike most “Dividend Strategies,” the portfolio will be broadly diversified in all 11 economic sectors.
The investment objective of our Core Equity strategy is to provide a competitive total return over long periods of time (3-5 years) at a level of volatility that is generally lower than the market. We invest in a broadly diversified group of individual companies across various industry sectors, market capitalizations and geographies (domestic and international). Our aim is to buy companies that are selling at a discount to their fair value as determined by multiple valuation techniques. These companies will typically be leaders in their industry with solid growth potential and proven management teams, while trading at lower valuations and carrying less debt.
The investment objective of our Growth strategy is to focus on capital appreciation, while maintaining discipline with the price paid for potential growth. We focus on the sectors of the market that traditionally emphasize capital appreciation. Our approach will still provide the discipline around sector weightings and valuation through multiple valuation techniques.
The investment management objective of our Macro Allocation strategy is to take a global economic outlook and build a portfolio of low-cost ETFs that support this outlook. It may consist of main market indices, sector based indices, international funds, or other ETFs. They focus on segments of the market trading at a discount to fair value or with positive economic prospects.

Fixed Income Strategies

High Quality. Dependable Income.

Our focus is on building high-quality bond portfolios with investment grade bonds. These bonds provide capital preservation and income-focused results for our clients. Portfolios are built to be dynamic around changes in interest rates and market conditions.

Ability to build state-specific portfolios exempt from federal and state income taxes. Investments generally include: General obligations, Water, Sewer, Combined Enterprise, Revenue, Utility, non-profit Hospitals and Higher Education Bonds.
Investments include: Corporate Bonds, Government Agencies and Taxable Municipals. Focused on relative value in credit profile.

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