Mackay Salley headshot

Mackay discovered his passion for investing when he was assigned to work in the Pension department during his time at DuPont in the late 1960’s.

Mackay, along with Gregory founded Smith Salley in 2003. He served for many years as the Chief Investment Officer, then Chairman, and now is Chairman Emeritus. Mackay earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from The Citadel. Mackay received his MBA from The Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina. He is a CFA Charterholder and member of the North Carolina Society of Financial Analysts.

Prior to joining Smith, Salley & Associates, Mackay was a Director and Vice President of Franklin Street Partners in Chapel Hill, NC. During his time at Franklin Street he was portfolio manager for the Franklin Street Partners Small Cap Fund. Before joining Franklin Street, Mackay was Senior Vice President and manager of special investment products at Wachovia Trust Services where he worked for 19 years. Mackay has over 40+ years experience in portfolio management and equity research while working with Franklin Street Partners, Wachovia, Delaware Trust and the DuPont Pension Fund.

Upon attaining his degree from The Citadel, Mackay completed two years of active duty in the US Army artillery and was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for service in Vietnam with the 1st infantry division. Mackay and Eleanor have been married for 60 years, and have a son and daughter, and four grandchildren. Besides investing, Mackay has been a private pilot for 65 years, 6,000 hours of flight time, and received the Wright Brothers “Master Pilot” Award for accident free flying. Mackay has been very active in restoring the pipe organ at The Summerall Chapel, The Citadel with over 7,000 pipes.

Mackay and Eleanor reside in Clemmons, NC and attend Clemmons United Methodist Church. Mackay heartily enjoys serving in his community and singing in the choir.