Trust Services

Smith Salley Private Trust provides trust solutions for clients who want the peace of mind that their estate will be protected and distributed according to their wishes. We work with clients who have financial, family or business needs that require the services of a corporate trustee.

Smith Salley Private Trust Brochure (Click to open PDF)

Trusts can serve many purposes from controlling money after you die to avoiding probate expenses. A vital component of success is who you name as Trustee. A traditional answer is to have a close family member or friend serve in the capacity of Trustee. Often considered an honor, this job is actually time consuming and complicated. Furthermore, a Trustee assumes legal liability for the trust assets and could be sued.

Smith Salley Private Trust is Trust Representative Office of National Advisors Trust — the largest federally chartered trust company in the U.S. to be created by Registered Investment Advisors for the benefit of their clients. Working together, Smith Salley Private Trust and National Advisors Trust provide clients with an integrated trustee and investment management solution—helping clients to protect their wealth and remain confident about the future of their estate.