What Do You Mean that You “Form Relationships with Your Clients”?

We are available for as much or as little communication as the client desires. We have found that some clients prefer a hands off approach and only meet with us once a year, the minimum we require. However, some clients prefer more frequent communication and we speak with some as often as once per week. We help facilitate communication with the other professionals involved in managing your wealth by coordinating with each client’s accountant, lawyers, and other money managers to ensure their estate is cared for from every angle. Being proactive about potential client needs or adjusting circumstances is another facet of caring about the relationship. If there is something that can be done or should be done to improve a client’s financial picture, we will discuss it with the client. We realize that our clients have enormous faith in us by entrusting us with their financial well-being. At a minimum we feel that clients should feel a level of comfort and familiarity with us. Tough questions can be asked and tough, honest answers are given in return.